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About Bruno Grening’s Doctrine

(from the tape recordings of his performances before people)

What is illness?

Why are people ill?

What is health?

What is necessary to do to recover?

How is to be healthy?

These are the questions that are raised in Bruno Grening’s doctrine that gives not only answers but also technology, the recover technique.

Bruno Grening’s doctrine is based on person’s perception of spiritual Forces from Space. This Force is the unique Force providing all vital processes on the Earth and accordingly in a person’s body.  Bruno Grening called it Divine Force or Healing Current.

Speaking to people who addressed him for help Bruno Grening asked them not to tell him about their illnesses but shortly explained to them how it was necessary to deal with those processes that occurred in them:

“Illness is evil, it’s disorder, chaos”.

“Health is Good, it’s Order, it’s God himself”.

It means that if a person has little Good — he has poor health and he who has much God — he is a healthy person.

Illness  is not the destruction in person’s body or on person’s body.  Destruction  is only the consequence of illness. Illness is some reason the roots of the destruction, they are not in person’s body but in his soul.

Illness is soul disharmony and it is the real evil. According to Bruno Grening’s belief the more Divine (Vital) Force the man has, the more order he has, the better the person feels.

This Vital Force doesn’t only give all organs and parts of a person’s body the opportunity to work but also helps to adapt, sustain, and remake all loadings which a person feels.

If the loadings, that the person has, appear much more than he has Vital Force, there begins destructive process in the person’s body, the trouble which people wrongly call “illness”.

   “All illnesses are the result of the deficit of Vital Force in a person” says Bruno Grening. The gear of creation of deficit (shortage) of Vital Force in a person is the following:

To Bruno Grening’s belief a person being embodied here on the Earth lives between two Power Centers and is constantly influenced by their actions.

The first center is positive creative, powerful plus, people call it God, the Higher Reason, the Absolute Space, the Universe.

The second center is negative destroying, people say – evil, a negative, chaos, a Satan.

It means that negative thoughts connect the person with negative potential which deprives the person of power and makes them “ill”.

Positive thoughts connect the person with positive Divine Center that gives strengthening treating Energy and makes the person healthy and vital.

Explaining these arising interactions of the person and Power Centers Bruno Grening compares the person with an accumulator battery. As a discharged battery cannot work without the help of electric current, so is a human body can’t cope with its numerous functions starts to glitch in its activity and begins to destruct.

So, all illnesses are the result of deficit of Vital Force.

Shortage of Vital Energy in a person is the result of absence of  energy that is because a person often connects with the negative centre and  less to the source of Devine Forces.

Unfortunately, the modern man tends to think and feel negatively and feelings of doubt, fear, condemnation, jealousy, hatred, etc., occupy the  most part of conscious time of a person than the thoughts and feelings of love, sacrifice, kindness and confidence.

As a result, a person has become incapable to fill missing Vital Energy, has become “incurable”.

Bruno Groening says: “A person doesn’t need illness. God has created the mankind, beautiful, healthy, and such he always wants to see him. From the very Beginning people were connected with God. There was only Love, Harmony and Health. There was Unit. But the man responded on the evil voice which sounded out of Unity, followed its advice, and thus tore off the connection with God. Since that time God stands on the one side, but the man on the other side. There appeared a great gulf between God and the man, there is no more Divine connection. The man is given to himself, he seems to believe and pray but he is ill. Evil, tempting him, gradually leads away him lower and lower.

So on your way of life you’ve come downwards and I tell you not to go even lower. I call to the Great Reversal. Go upwards and I’ll build a bridge over this gulf.

ass from the way of suffering to the Devine way. On this way there is no misfortune, no illness, and no despair. Everything is good here. This road leads back to God! “

Here Bruno Grening shows the reason of all problems — it is the loss of contact between God and the Man, the source of Vital Force.

Thus in order to recover, be restored the man should give his organism the missing Force of Life, to full the shortage of Vital Forces. For this it’s necessary to reestablish the lost tie with the Source of Life.

But the man has incorporated evil so much, has become so earthy though as a matter of fact he is a Divine creation. The man is adjusted basically on material values and rarely on high values, values of a spiritual order. He has become in his thoughts and feelings very earthy and the Celestial Source has become inaccessible to him.

The man is in a negative hole. He has grounded and in order to get out he should possess Forces.

The man seems to know what is bad and he seems to be against condemnation, envy, jealousy, fear, hatred and etc. but can’t help doing it, he has no energy. It’s easier to condemn than to understand, it’s easier to hate than to forgive. To fall is always easier than to climb. For this Forces are not necessary.

Bruno Grening says “The man wallowed in all sins which are only possible and he doesn’t even notice them. It’s only his body that loudly reminds him that he has no Divine Force.”

How is it possible to restore the lost contact and to compensate the lack of Energy in the organism???

Bruno Grening’s Doctrine gives the answer to it.

The precondition and the main condition for it must be the belief in the victory of Good – Health and the great desire to recover.

It of course demands from the “sick” person new consciousness because unfortunately he tends to treat disease with fear and concern all time he thinks of illness and connects himself more and more to the illness of he seems to want to get rid.

Bruno Grening says “Who is engaged in his illness, thinks of it all time that man keeps it and closes the road to Divine Force”.

“Entrust and trust, Divine Force will heal and help!” These are the words with which Bruno Grening constantly and persistently addressed people searching for help, showing that it was the way how every person can be adjusted on reception of the Curing Current.

Here each “sick” person is declared to be matured and is suggested taking responsibility for his condition in which he is, for the process of his recovery and to uncover himself for acceptance of  the Curing Current.

The major step for the person who searches recovery is in spiritual and conscious parting with the “illness”.

By no means the man shouldn’t identify himself with “illness”. And what always happens when he thinks and says “I am ill, my illness etc.”

Illness is always is not human, it is always from evil. It is “dirt”, something alien, negative information that lives, develops in a person at the expense of its Forces of Life. The more a person thinks about “illness”, the more he feeds and grows it. That’s why the first thing that the person who searches for help must do is to separate himself mentally from illness:” It’s not my illness, I refuse from it, I don’t want to have anything in common with it. I want to receive much Force and absolute recovery”.

If a person who searches for help will internally be adjusted then he can wait for the inflow of Curing Force with confidence.

Bruno Grening himself promotes  people:

  1. to release from loading – spiritual disharmony;

  2. to receive this Healing Current which is sure to be healing for the soul and body.

  3. Bruno Grening used to say that while there is evil (illness) in a person, the Good (health) can’t come into him as it’s impossible to pour milk in a vessel with dirt. It is necessary to clean it from dirt at first.

That’s why Bruno Grening used to tell people who were in searching for help, “ Give me all your illness. You don’t have no force to process this loading. But I know what to do with it. In exchange you’ll get Divine Force.”

“I am if you want a waste box where you can throw all the dirt of your problems but do it voluntary. I can’t take them without your good will.”

    (It was noticed that during mass healings Bruno Grening’s      neck received unbelievable big size that points to the reality of what was  said).

  1. Bruno Grening used to call himself a transformer, an operator, a conductor that establishes and keeps the contact between the man and the Source of Life.

Bruno Grening, “Today Divine Radiation is transmitting to you through me. I am the very earth transmitter that has no other cares as to perceive the Devine Wave and exactly in the same way to transmit it further for you and if you are adjusted on this Wave you’ll apprehend it. ”

Treatment occurs at a spiritual level and it’s not connected in any way with a physical body (and thus with physical presence)

“I am here and simultaneously everywhere” these words of Bruno Grening are often incorrectly interpreted. They contain in themselves the key to understanding of his treatment.

Bruno Grening’s Wave is nonmaterial and independent from the Earth.

That who understands how to perceive this Celestial Wave he has a communication with inexhaustible and unceasing Current of Life.

In order to perceive Bruno Grening’s way it is necessary to sit on a chair with your back straight, hands lie on knees palms upwards, fingers of hands should be straight not clamped in tappets.

You shouldn’t cross hands and feet. These are necessary conditions that Energy can freely pass through the body without becoming isolated anywhere in a circle. If a person crosses hands he de-energizes the upper part of his organism, if he crosses legs he de-energizes the lower part of his organism.

It’s also possible to receive Energy lying on a back or standing. The main thing is not to cross hands and legs.

The main condition while receiving the Treating Current is to be completely released from thoughts about material: about household disorder, illnesses, about everything that oppresses you. Calm down! In thoughts or aloud address Bruno Grening for help in receiving Devine communication and obtaining Curing Force. It will be good to visualize Bruno Grening’s image, for example looking at his photo.

Having fulfilled these two conditions that is having opened yourself physically and mentally tuned yourself on reception of Bruno Grening’s Wave a person opens a power system and

Vital Power comes into him.

Now the person who search for healing should watch corporal reactions that are caused by arriving Force of Life.

You can feel:

your hands and feet getting heavier ;

heating of palms;

light sticking of finger tips;

swelling of pins of hands;

an inch in a body, feeling some motion in the organism;

feeling of weak current flow;

creeps on a body;

vibration of a body or its parts;

body temperature change: can douse heat or on the contrary can arouse chills;

pressure upon all body or its parts;

head squeezing as a hoop;

a drilling condition in head top;

change of rhythm of breath, heart;

allocation from eyes, nose, throat, sweating;



There can also be pains and unpleasant sensations similar to symptoms of illness. They show that the process of recovery has already begun, i.e. healing crises known in medicine. For example, deterioration of state of health at the beginning of reception of homoeopathic means.

Bruno Grening names these conditions regulation. He says “Vital Force recovers that what has become dead, puts this part of the organism in order.

Thus that has already become “curred” becomes straight. And it is felf”. The pain arising at it Bruno Grening calls regulation pains.             “In order the healing is to take place the pains should go out. It is necessary to suffer, nothing bad will occur but the person will recover” he used to say.

The anesthetic received during the regulation can interrupt the Treating Wave and to stop regulation (cleansing) process.

Bruno Grening “Regulation pains begin and the person calls a doctor. The doctor in order to relieve a pain applies an anesthetic and that’s how it breaks the action of the Treating Wave. It is interrupted and can’t act and it can stop the recovery of the person. This is what I’m afraid of and therefore I constantly explain so that people were not ignorant.”

Regulating pain has nothing in common with pains of illness that are sure to be pains of destruction in an organism. On the contrary regulating pains are pains of recovery. It’s necessary to be glad of having these changes.

During the regulation besides painful sensations there can be the following processes: allocation from eyes, ears, nose and throat; change of color, odor and of urine structure; rash on the skin; the body temperature can rise, vomiting and diarrhea can begin and etc. It all indicates the beginning of clarification of organism.     Having received energy the organism has begun to pour out poisons and toxins that poisoned it.

Bruno Grening said: «Regulation. It’s the thing, so to say, not is very pleasant, sometimes it throws the man to bed for a few days. Some people feel at once effects on the intestine. Frustration begins and as a result of which a person gets rid of all the poisons and toxins and completely clears the intestine. «

As the energy that person has received is spent and especially actively at regulation, the person should understand that it is necessary to full it.

To support the health at a good level it is necessary to tune in on reception of Vital Force. It is necessary to tune in and receive Vital Force minimum twice a day: one time in the morning and one time in the evening. It’s desirable at nine o’clock in the morning and at nine o’clock in the evening. It is the most favorable time for reception of the Curing Current, though due to circumstances it’s possible to tune in some other time (but not less than two times a day).

So receiving Vital Forces in the morning a person gives his organism a chance for the regulations that have already begun and also to sustain all the loadings during the day.

In the evening receiving Vital Forces a person washes off all dirt of the negative information which he incorporated during the day and fills spent Force.

Regulating process can go on for some time. It depends not only on the character of the disease but in great deal on the person. If the person doesn’t permit himself to doubt in his recovery, if he is persevering and consecutive in filling of Energy regulating process goes brightly and the way to healing is short.

If the person dares to doubt, if he is inconsistent, doesn’t constantly fills the lost energy then the regulating process goes inertly with attenuations and can stop at all.

Bruno Grening: “I could help all but not everyone. There are no incurable illnesses but there is a man that can’t be helped. This is an eternally doubting person. Nobody can help such a man.”

The doubt is the enemy number one. It is as a stone wall that stands between the source of Vital Forces and the person, the receiver of these forces. The doubt doesn’t give a person the possibility to reestablish the lost connection.

“Illness” is a product of dark forces and it’s necessary to think correctly about the Great Force and the power of God and to believe that he has the power to cure any “ illness”.

It is the way to health, the way of Belief, the Belief in the obligatory victory of Good.

It is important to know that when a person refuses from the “illness”, gives it to Bruno Groening he is really released from “illness”. He is a healthy man.

The destruction caused by this “illness” still exists but the program of it is not present in a person.

In some time thank to Vital Force the organism will restore everything; everything will be put in order, well balanced and will restore all connections in it.

Bruno Grening: “I transform the blood and I recover blood circulation. I don’t mind where the person is, here or abroad, I don’t know his name, address and his illness. But if I say that this second, minute, hour the blood circulation will revive in the body and that is nerves will receive force and lifeless organs will receive life that is it will certainly be”.

Now the man should try not to think about the “illness” not to prevent the organism from being restored completely and not to recreate again the program of the “illness” in the consciousness. That is not to draw “illness” again.

Bruno Grening: “ If you have given me your “illness” do not remember it. Don’t rummage in this “rubbish”, don’t return to the past otherwise you will return it back”.

The greatest danger at healing is sure to be negative thoughts. If doubting relatives and acquaintances try to destroy the belief of the treated person in the Power of God and his trust to Bruno Grening, they commit a crime against his health by it. All mental loadings and anxiety, each irritation and frustration prevent from successful reception of Curing Energy and destroy conditions for success.

Bruno Grening: “The soul and thoughts of the patient are weak at this time and come easily under harm influence.”

Doubting people can thoughtlessly put the health of the treated person in danger. Unfortunately ignorance of such people is often met. Therefore Bruno Grening gives advice to people who are being treated not to hurry to speak about it until the main stage of the treatment  passes. And only then he can say what has occurred to him.

It is interesting that every cured person can promote rendering assistance to other people.

Bruno Grening regarded the ability to keep in contact with Life Source (to be connected with God) and to be able to perceive Divine Radiation to be the most important task of every person in his earth life.

Bruno Grening: “It is necessary for man to be connected with God. To be connected with God is the most important thing”.

 “Your task is to receive the Energy of Life”.

“The person who doesn’t receive this energy has forgotten himself, he has stopped the course of life into his body. Such person doesn’t believe in God. He has turned away from God”.

Taking the Divine Radiation into himself, the person doesn’t only receive health and help he also confirms Good and God in himself. He becomes the person of Belief. And therefore he can create the life around himself worthy for the person as the creation of God. And only therefore the person will have the right to live in New Time.

Bruno Grening: “I live so that the mankind could live further. With the Divine tie I return you the ancient human instinct again. And then you will have everything. And then all people on the Earth regardless of religion, nationality, and race will obtain peace. This is Divine Blessing and people should perceive it and give it further”.